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A major challenge facing orphans and abandoned children in orphanages, and children in the villages of Ghana, is the lack of money to finance their formal education. There are many children who are not schooling, indicating clearly that, even the subsidized basic education in Ghana is still not affordable to some people.

CTN Scholarship Aid Sponsors are kind people who know in their hearts that they have the capacity to fund the education of at least one needy child in Africa for a year.

​The Sponsors are not necessarily rich people, but people who genuinely recognize the sufferings of less-privileged children in Africa, and understand power of education transform their lives and that of the families and communities


We wish to invite you to join Clothe The Naked organization as a sponsor for one of the less-privileged children whose education we are funding through our CTN Scholarship Aid.  

If you are looking for a way to contribute to life, then this is an opportunity for you to shake the foundation of the destiny of a needy child in Africa.  

The CTN SCHOLARSHIP AID funds the education of orphans, abandoned children, and children from poor families in the deprived villages of Ghana, West Africa. The Aid funds the education of carefully selected beneficiaries till they complete college/university.   

Is it expensive to sponsor one child’s education for a year?
No, it’s cost only about US$ 200.00 to fund the education of one child for all the 3 terms of the one academic year. This cost includes all educational materials needed for a successful education.

Must I sponsor the child forever?
No, you sponsor the education of one child for a year. However, you are free to continue sponsoring the child in the subsequent years if you are still willing and able.

Can I know and follow the progress of the actual child that I am sponsoring?
Yes, you have the option to choose which of the children you would want to sponsor from the list of beneficiaries. And you will be furnished with school reports, pictures and all updates on “your child”, at least, 3 times in the year.

Am I allowed to do a fundraiser to sponsor “my child”?
Yes, you are free to organize any form of fundraisers to raise money from your family, friends, and the public to support “your child”. Any information needed to make the fundraiser successful shall be provided to you by Clothe The Naked.

How do I become a sponsor for this year?
To become a sponsor, simply fill out this short form for us, and we will respond with further directions.