CTN Outreach also specializes in organizing independent tours for people who want to visit Ghana, not just like every other tourist, but live with Ghanaians in a Ghanaian community, visit all the most interesting attractions in Ghana, make new friends, and impact lives at the same time.

As the name sounds, ChariTours seeks to promote Tourism and Charity- Thus providing tourism opportunities for the privileged people, so that the proceeds will be used for the benefit of the less privileged people.

The CTN ChariTours is a well organized independent tour which give individuals from all over the world the opportunity to make a ten (10) full days trip to Ghana on a professionally planned itinerary at the cheapest possible cost, on their own fixed date, with no compromises on safety and comfort.

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Get ready to visit over 20 major attractions and uncountable side attractions with ChariTours.

From Cultural and Historical Heritage Monuments
- The Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Castles (Dungeons)  where slaves were kept during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

- The Fosu Slave River (Donkoh Suo) where the slaves had their last bath before they were taken to the Americas.

- The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum which houses the mortal remains of the First President of Ghana, the man who fought for the independence of Ghana (the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to attain independence from the colonial masters).

- W.E.B. Dubois Center where the late African American Activist and his wife lived are burried, etc

We handle all your traveling needs excluding Flight and Feeding for as little as US $3,000 per 2 people (Couples), and US$ 1,900 per person.

This covers:

  • Visa Assistance                                                
  • Airport Pick up and drop off       
  • Tour Guiding                                    
  • Accommodation                               
  • Private Car
  • Driver                                                    
  • Fuel (Gas)                                           
  • and all Attraction Fees                        



​​​Clothe The Naked Outreach

Through the beautiful vegetation, breathtaking landscapes and friendly wildlife that the country is endowed with.

- The Kakum National Park which houses the famous canopy walkway hanging on top of huge trees.

- Shai Hills Natural Reserve which has beautiful caves, different kinds of birds and monkeys, antelopes, etc.

- The Hans Cottage Botel which has a restaurant built on a natural crocodile pond

- The Nzulezu village built on a river where you have to paddle canoe for an hour to get there.

- The huge and beautiful Aburi Gardens which has thousands of different species of plants and trees.

- Mountain Afadjato which is the highest mountain in Ghana.

- Boti waterfalls, Ada Estuary, the beautiful beaches, and numerous water bodies.

You will also get to see the beautiful places of Africa that the media never shows you, the amazing hospitality of the Ghanaian people, the peaceful environment, the sunshine, the nightlife, and many more...


​There are so many reasons why you should choose us whenever you want to visit Ghana...

  • ​You get to fix your date according to your own convenience.
  • You get a 24/7 support from our friendly staff throughout your stay in Ghana
  • ​You get to live in a home, not hotels, to experience the real Ghanaian culture.
  • You have a private car, a driver and private tour guide throughout your stay in Ghana.
  • You have the freedom to  request a change in your itinerary
  • Your safety, privacy, and comfort is assured
  • All proceeds from Charitours goes into charity