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You don't have to be a millionaire to help others; you just need the willingness and the heart. No matter your position in life, you are better than someone, and that means you can help someone.

​If you are really willing to help someone, you shall surely find a way to do it. You may not be able to help everyone in this world, but you can definitely help someone. 
Do the little you can, because if everyone one would do the little they could, the world be a better place.

Those who have the genuine heart to help the less-privileged people are not waiting for riches and position. They have began riding on their fearless faith and determination, and they are making the little differences from where they are, with the little they have

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Please put together your Dresses, Shoes, Shirts, Shorts, Trousers, Bed sheets, Pillow cases, school bags, Kids wears, Toys, Games, etc. which are no longer useful to you, but are still in good shape.

Give us a call if you are in Washington State or Accra, for direction to our office

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CTN Ambassadors are registered members of Clothe the Naked Outreach.  They  are  philanthropist who have strong passion for charity work, fully subscribe to the Mission and Vision of Clothe the Naked Outreach and have chosen to go the extra mile to invest their skills, knowledge, money and free time for the benefit of the less privileged people through CTN Outreach.

Amrahia, Accra
Ghana - West Africa

Telephone:  +233244331439 / +233557808749 

Email:  ctncharity@gmail.com

CTN Scholarship Aid Sponsors are kind people who know in their hearts that they have the capacity to fund the education of at least one needy child in Africa for a year.

​The Sponsors are not necessarily rich people, but people who genuinely recognize the sufferings of less-privileged children in Africa, and understand power of education transform their lives and that of the families and communities

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