Providing Educational Scholarship​

We are building our CTN Academy to provide a tuition-free school which will also provide free uniforms, free stationary, and all other things needed for a successful education, for a deprived community which has no school in Ghana West Africa. Your Donation of US$ 6 will buy us one bag of cement for the construction of the school. Build with us!!!

We organize Outreach Programs of visiting Orphanages, Deprived Villages, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Prisons, with Live Band Music, Counselors and Motivational Speakers

Providing Clothing Assistance

Clothe The Naked Outreach is a charitable organization operating in Ghana West Africa and United States of America, providing Clothing assistance, Educational Opportunities, and Outreach programs for less-privileged people especially orphans in orphanages, needy people in deprived communities, mentally-challenged people in psychiatric hospitals, and inmates in prisons of Ghana West Africa.


We provide Educational Opportunities for the less-privileged children of Africa. Clothe The Naked runs a program known as the CTN SCHOLARSHIP AID

We provide Clothing Assistance for the less-privileged people, especially orphans in Ghanaian orphanages, poor people in deprived areas of Ghana

Welcome to Clothe The Naked Outreach

What We Do

Undertaking Outreach Programs