My Love-Machete Project 2016

Love-Machete Project is our annual event which basically involves visiting a deprived farming community with Clothes and Farm-Machetes (Cutlasses), with the purpose of reducing the physical impacts of poverty which is usually seen in the wearing of same-old tattered clothes by the poor villagers, and empowering them with farming tools to enable them to farm and feed themselves and their families.


Poverty in Ghana is predominantly rural. 70% of the country’s poor people live in rural areas where they have limited access to basic social services, safe water, all-year roads, electricity and telephone services (IFAD, 2006b). Due to the high rate of poverty in the rural areas of Ghana, families in the villages do not only lack food, shelter, proper healthcare, educational facilities, water, and electricity but also clothing. Villagers are seen wearing the same oversize and overused tattered clothes almost all year round. Some of the clothes that the rural dwellers, especially children, wear are not fit to be used even as rugs in many homes in the cities. It is so common to see a child who has just about 2 to 5 clothes which he/she wears all year round. Children here are also seen walking in the community, to school, and to church or mosque bare-footed. Meanwhile, many people in even the cities of Ghana, not to talk about people in developed countries, have more clothes in their closets than they have ever needed.

It is also important to note that, more than enough farmlands is mostly available for people in deprived villages of Ghana, but tools and other resources needed for a successful farming is always a challenge. Poverty, especially hunger, is the direct result of the inability of such people to farm.

My Love-Machete Project 2017

We are counting on your generous support to enable us reach out to more farmers in deprived communities this year.

Your DONATION of just US$ 4 will buy one farm-machete for one poor household.



On the 5th of March 2016, CTN Outreach undertook a "My Love-Machete Project" at the Bepotuntum and Abodom villages in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

​Clothes and Farm Machetes/Cutlasses were distributed to all households of the two villages. 

Our presence in the villages was even a great joy for all villagers enough, from the youngest child to the oldest person - everyone was really happy to have us there with them.

My Love-Machete Project 2015

On the 8th April 2017, CTN Outreach undertook a "Love-Machete Project" at the Matse Ando and Matse Dorkpe deprived villages in the Volta Region of Ghana. Clothes and Shoes worth about GHS 7,000.00

and 140 quality Farm Machetes/Cutlasses worth about GHS 1,600.00 were distributed to the over 500 farmers and their families of the villages.

On the 22nd February 2015, CTN Outreach undertook a project dubbed My Love Machete at the Owomase and Kwaakwaa villages in the central Region of Ghana.

Clothes and  Farm Machetes/Cutlasses were distributed to all households of the two villages. 

We believe by giving each household a machete, we are empowering them to fight against hunger and poverty through farming.

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