​​​Clothe The Naked Outreach

On the 5th of March 2016, CTN Outreach undertook a "My Love-Machete Project" at the Bepotuntum and Abodom villages in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

​Clothes and Farm Machetes/Cutlasses were distributed to all households of the two villages. 

Our presence in the villages was even a great joy for all villagers enough, from the youngest child to the oldest person - everyone was really happy to have us there with them.


Thinking about the natural disaster which has worsened the already poor living conditions of Haiti - CTN USA donated a few items on the 24th of October 2016 to Haiti through Marie Jo. 

We also donated this huge TV to the Goodwill Store. We will keep doing whatever we can for all humanity through giving and redistribution of resources.

Appreciation to our selfless CTN USA President Ms. Gaynell Dumas who makes all these possible, and all our CTN USA Ambassadors for the support 

Donation to Haiti

We are so glad to announce that our CTN Ghana Ambassadors were able to organize a very successful Charity Brunch on the 23rd of July 2016 at the ShakaZulu Restaurant of the Nungua Shopping Mall, Accra Ghana

​- to raise funds to support Clothe The Naked Projects. We had a very wonderful time together with our Guests at the ShakaZulu Restaurant;

We ate very delicious meals, played a lot of games, made new friends, built new connections, and took a lot of pictures and selfies - all for the benefit of the less-privileged people that we serve.






So we were at Tina's school on the 19th of October 2016 to present her a bicycle so that she wouldn't have to walk long distances to and fro school anymore. Tina is one of the orphans whose education we are funding through our CTN Scholarship Aid.

So we used the opportunity to also pay all her school bills for the term and gave her money for feeding. 

Giving her a bicycle makes education a little easier for her, as we do all we can to help her become the nurse that she dreams of.

Our appreciation to Marjoleine for making this possible.