Providing Clothing Assistance

We provide Educational Opportunities for the less-privileged children of Africa. Clothe The Naked runs a program known as the CTN SCHOLARSHIP AID which funds the education of orphans, abandoned children, and children from poor families in the deprived villages of Ghana, West Africa.
The Aid funds the education of carefully selected beneficiaries from kindergarten to college/university.  
This is to equip these children with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to change their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.  

We organize Outreach Programs of visiting Orphanages, Deprived Villages, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Prisons, with Live Band Music, Counselors and Motivational Speakers, as well as Food and Drinks to refresh the people who have found themselves in these unfortunate places.
This is to draw closer to the people who have found themselves in these less privileged communities, and influence their mentalities with rightful attitudes which can boost their self-confidence, self-esteems and hopes in life, enhance their interpersonal skills, and empower them to take extraordinary actions that can transform their lives for the better.

We provide recreational opportunities where the less-privileged children get to play and socialize with the privileged children. 
This is to reduce the gap between the less-privileged and privileged children, and also to boost the self-esteem of the less privileged children and increase their senses of belonging.

What we are doing...

We provide Clothing Assistance for the less-privileged people, especially orphans in Ghanaian orphanages, poor people in deprived areas of Ghana, mentally-challenged people in Psychiatric Hospitals of Ghana, and Prisoners of Ghana.
People in poor communities and poor schools of New Orleans, Louisiana – USA, are also beneficiaries of the Clothing Assistance that we provide.  This is our own way of reducing the visible impacts of poverty which is usually exhibited in the wearing of same old tattered clothes by above mentioned people. 

Providing Cultural Exchange Programs

Providing Recreational Opportunities

Undertaking Outreach Programs​


Providing Educational Scholarship​

We provide Cultural Exchange Programs for privileged children from the Developed Countries, especially children from USA, to travel to Africa, to meet and live with their less-privileged age mates in Deprived Villages and Orphanages of Africa.
This is to give the privileged children the opportunity to see how privileged they are to be having the opportunities that they usually take for granted. 
And also provide an opportunity for the less-privileged children to meet, interact, and make new friends with their co-equals from the other side of life.