Welcome to Clothe The Naked Outreach

Clothe The Naked Outreach is a charitable organization operating in Ghana West Africa and the United States of America, providing Clothing assistance, Educational Opportunities, and Outreach programs for the less-privileged people around the globe such as orphans in orphanages, homeless people, needy people in deprived communities, mentally-challenged people in psychiatric hospitals, and prisoners.

What We are Doing...

Providing Clothing Assistance

We provide Clothing Assistance for the less-privileged people, especially orphans, homeless people, mentally-challenged people, prisoners, and needy people in deprived rural communities 

Providing Educational Opportunities

We provide Educational Opportunities in the form of scholarships and school buildings for the less-privileged children of developing countries in Africa. 

Undertaking Outreach Programs

We reach out to orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and deprived rural communities with clothes, farming tools, entertainment, counseling, and health screening

Are you kind and generous enough to support this cause with one bag of cement???

Appeal for Funds

We are calling on corporations, institutions, and companies that have the interest of the less-privileged people at heart to get involved and become partners of this wonderful cause. This is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your corporate social responsibility in a way that would leave valuable impressions on the minds of the general public and your customers forever.

We are building our CTN Academy to provide a tuition-free school which will also provide free uniforms, free stationary, and all other things needed for a successful education, for a deprived rural community which has no school in Ghana West Africa. Your Donation of $6 US Dollars would buy us one bag of cement for the construction of the school.
How many bags of cement can you support us with?

Recent News

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Kwame has been moved from the village where he lives in the Volta Region of Ghana to an orphanage. We had to take the decision ...
Clothe The Naked Outreach has secured a 2 acre land in a deprived rural community in the Central Region of Ghana for the construction of ...
Clothe The Naked Outreach donated items worth over GHS 7,000 to over 400 people living in a deprived rural community in Central Ghana on the ...
Our Clothes Donors can now easily find our beautifully designed Clothes Donation Bin at the Action Chapel Int. on the Spintex Road in Accra-Ghana, where they ...