CTN Donates to Dwen Daama

Clothe The Naked Outreach donated items worth over GHS 7,000 to over 400 people living in a deprived rural community in Central Ghana on the 23rd of February 2019.

We had another very successful Love-Machete Project on the 23rd of February 2019 at a deprived rural community in the Central Region of Ghana called Dwen Daama. We gave out free farm-machetes (cutlasses), clothes, foot wear, and others stuffs to about 400 people living in this community. 

Dwen Daama is a deprived rural farming community in the Mfantsiman West District of the Central Region of Ghana. The village has a population of about 400 people, and farming and local palm oil refinery are the main economic activities of the dwellers. 

Like most rural communities in Ghana, Dwen Daama lack basic amenities needed for a comfortable and progressive life. One of such inevitable social amenities which is lacking in this rural communities is the lack of educational facilities; the community has no single school. 

Due to the high rate of poverty in the rural areas of Ghana, the people of Dwen Daama do not only lack proper healthcare, educational facilities, and drinkable water, but also clothing. The villagers are seen wearing the same oversize and overused tattered clothes almost all year round. Some of the clothes that people, especially children, wear are not fit to be used even as rugs in many homes in the cities. It was so common to see a people who has just about 2 to 5 clothes which they wear all year round. Most of the people of Dwen Daama could also be seen walking barefooted in the community to wherever they had to go.

Our Love-Machete Project helped to reduce the physical impacts of poverty which was usually seen in the wearing of same-old tattered clothes by the people of Dwen Daama, and it has empowered them with farming tools to enable them farm to feed themselves and their families.

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