CTN Donates to Kressner Orphanage

Clothe The Naked Outreach Members spent a day serving the children of Kressner Orphanage, on October 27th 2018. Items worth over GHS 12,000 was also donated to the orphanage.

We had a wonderful day with the children of Kressner Orphanage at Amasaman in Accra – Ghana, on the 27th of October 2018. We had more than enough food and drinks to feed the children, more than enough clothes to change the wardrobe of the children, music and games to entertain the children, Motivational Speaker to encourage the children, and Doctor and nurses to screen the health of the children – at our Refresh The Orphan Project 2018

Refresh the Orphan Project is a special Annual Project that Clothe The Naked Outreach undertakes to bridge the gap between orphans in orphanages and the general public. The event is basically about visiting orphans in different orphanages with clothes to clothe them, games and live band music to entertain them, food and drinks to feed them, and motivational speakers and counselors to advise and inspire them, and a Medical Team to screen their health.

All orphanages in Ghana seek support from the kind-hearted people of the public to take care of the vulnerable children under their care. However, in order to get media attention, and for easier accessibility, most donors prefer to send their donations to orphanages in the urban areas, leaving the other orphanages in the country side almost neglected. Hence, such neglected orphanages are in dire need of clothing assistance to be able to address the clothing needs of the orphans and abandoned children under their care. 

The aim of our Refresh The Orphan Project is to draw closer to the children in orphanages, eat and socialize with them, screen their health, and influence their mentalities with rightful attitudes which will. And that’s exactly what we achieved with our Refresh The Orphan Project 2018 at the Kressner Orphanage;

We empowered them to take extraordinary actions that can transform their lives for the better
And we left them in the best conditions of health.

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