Kwame moved to an Orphanage

Kwame has been moved from the village where he lives in the Volta Region of Ghana to an orphanage. We had to take the decision to move him from this village after his guardian decided she wasn’t going to live with him anymore.


Kwame was born to a mentally-challenged woman who was impregnated by an unknown man. His mother, before losing her mind, was serving as a maid servant for a woman whom Kwame had to serve too under very harsh conditions for a little food to survive. Seeing him running his usual errands for his boss barefooted in a very dirty and tattered clothes, with wounds on his face. We decided to look for any of his mother’s relatives who could take him in so that we can also fund his education.

We found a woman who claimed to be a relative of Kwame’s mother in another village and she agreed to accept Kwame and live with him while CTN funds his education. So in 2015 a team of CTN Members went to the Volta Region to sign Kwame onto our CTN Scholarship Aid, and we enrolled him in school for the first time.

After sometime we could not reach the guardians anymore on phone so we sent a team to the school where we had enrolled him, only to be told that Kwame had stopped coming to school. We went to the guardian’s house to check up on him only to find out that Kwame had been sent away by the woman.

So we began a search for him again and found him in the custody of another woman in another village the Volta Region. He was not schooling – there was no school in the village, so he was just following the new guardian to farm every day. We met and spoke to the new guardian and we enrolled Kwame in a new school in the nearest village.

Everything was going just fine until we found out recently that Kwame had been sent away again by the new guardian too. He was now living with another man in the same village, but he was no longer schooling.

Looking at how things were going, CTN Executive Management thought it wise to move him from the villages and bring to an orphanage. So our Educational Projects Manager Mr. Desmond Anyemiteye led a CTN Team to the village on 24th November 2018 to carry out this assignment.

We are glad to announce that we have been able to move kwame into an orphanage successfully; Police report and all necessary documents have been submitted to social welfare and DOVSU for filing as the laws demands.

We have also been able to secure for him an admission into a school close by the orphanage and he is in Grade 2. His school uniforms, books and other items needed to make him comfortable in school, including his stipend are being provided by our CTN Scholarship Aid. It has been a tough journey with Kwame so far, but we are hopeful that this will be the end of the challenges.

We are funding the education of less-privileged children like Kwame in Ghana West Africa with our CTN Scholarship Aid – providing tuition fees, stationery, uniforms, and all other educational materials for needy children who are mainly orphans and abandoned children till they complete university/college.

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