Land Secured for CTN Academy

Clothe The Naked Outreach has secured a 2 acre land in a deprived rural community in the Central Region of Ghana for the construction of an entirely free school for the children of the community.

Poverty in Ghana is predominantly rural. 70% of the country’s poor people live in rural areas where they have limited access to basic social services, safe water, all-year roads, electricity and telephone services (IFAD, 2006b). Most rural communities of Ghana lack basic amenities needed for a comfortable and progressive life. One of such inevitable social amenities which is lacking in some rural communities is the lack of educational facilities.

According to a Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report by UNICEF in 2016 titled “Education for People and Planet: Creating Sustainable Futures for All”, about 319,000 children in Ghana between six and eleven years are still out of school. And even with the children that are in schools, only 39 per cent are able to complete High School. This indicates clearly that, even the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) policy adapted by Ghana, is still impenetrable for the poor people in Ghana.

Dwen Daama is a deprived rural farming community in the Mfantsiman West District of the Central Region of Ghana. The village has a population of about 250 adults whose main economic activities are farming and local palm oil refinery.

The lack of educational facilities in deprived communities makes it impossible for children to begin their formal education on time. Children in such communities have no choice than to wait until their old enough to do the daily long distance walks before they can begin their educational journey. Dwen Daama has about 40 children below the age of seven (7). The absence of a common nursery/kindergarten school in this community means that, these over 40 children have no chance of stepping in classroom until they are about 8 to 10 years and strong enough for the long distance daily walks before they can start schooling.

This negatively affects the children’s interest in education as they grow up and this explains clearly the high level of illiteracy rates in deprived communities like Dwen Daama. There are about 45 children of primary school going age in Dwen Daama but about 35 of them are not schooling indicating clearly their lack of interest in education as a result of waiting too long at home as children. The village boasts of only ten (10) children who are currently doing the daily long distance walks to other communities to access formal education, and the academic performances of these children shows that waiting too long to start schooling definitely has negative effects. These ten (10) children have no other choice than to take about 3 hours walk every day to and from another village called Okyereko which happens to host the closest school from Dwen Daama.

The children do not have a paved-streets to do this daily long walks to school, and they certainly do not have a school bus nor do they have bicycles to make their journey through the bushes of rural Ghana to and fro school easier.

Majority of the people of Dwen Daama have no formal education, and almost all of the adults cannot read nor write, which makes any decision to build a school in this community a step in the right direction

The national policy on education allows for a distance of between three and four kilometers for children in primary schools in order to be classified as having access to quality education. It therefore means that children in Dwen Daama do not have access to quality education.

Our Solution
The situation of the Dwen Daama community compels Clothe The Naked Outreach to find every possible means to provide a school for the community, as our contribution to helping Ghana to achieve the millennium development goals. We have therefore secured a 2 acre land in Dwen Daama for the construction of a school for the 

We are building our CTN Academy to provide a tuition-free school which will also provide free uniforms, free stationary, and all other things needed for a successful education, for the children of this community.

The purpose of this project is to make education accessible to the children of Dwen Daama and its surrounding villages, and boost motivation for education among the children and parents of the community, in pursuance of our mission to empower the less-privileged people of Ghana for a better future.

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