The CTN Prisons Outreach Project reaches out to the less-fortunate people who have found themselves in the prisons of Ghana  – with clothes, motivational talks and counselling to; ensure that they always have something to wear aside the prison uniforms, inspire them to remain hopeful in life,  reduce the effects of separation and solitude, and make their transformation journey a little easier.


This project helps us to redistribute resources to fulfill our mission of reducing the impact of solitude, and ensures the optimum use of clothing resources. It also helps to reduce environmental pollution by reducing the amount of clothes which may end up at the dumping sites and gutters.


Prisons in Ghana cannot do without the support of charitable organizations and individuals due to inadequate funding from the Government of Ghana. Due to inadequate funding, most prisons in are in deplorable states and under-resourced. Apart from the substandard quality and small quantity of foods that are served in the prisons, and the overcrowded sleeping spaces, the facilities and resources needed to transform the life of prisoners before they are released back into the communities are unavailable.


Furthermore, most inmates of Ghanaian prisons suffer rejection from their families immediately they are identified as criminals or even remanded. So many prisoners depend on their prison uniforms till they finish serving their sentences. What to wear during special occasions in the prisons, and what to wear home on the day of their release becomes a problem. Meanwhile, there are so many people outside the prison walls who have more clothes in their closets than they have ever needed.