Refresh the Orphan Project is a special Annual Project that Clothe The Naked Outreach undertakes to bridge the gap between orphans in orphanages and the general public. The event is basically about visiting orphans in different orphanages with clothes to clothe them, games and live band music to entertain them, food and drinks to feed them, and motivational speakers and counselors to advise and inspire them, and a Medical Team to screen their health. The ultimate goal of the project is to show love and care for orphans and abandoned children, put smiles on their faces and boost their hopes and confidence in life.

Why Refresh The Orphan Project?

All orphanages in Ghana seek support from the kind-hearted people of the public to take care of the vulnerable children under their care. However, in order to get media attention, and for easier accessibility, most donors prefer to send their donations to orphanages in the urban areas, leaving the other orphanages in the country side almost neglected. Hence, such neglected orphanages are in dire need of clothing assistance to be able to address the clothing needs of the orphans and abandoned children under their care.


It is important to note that, the vulnerability of orphans living in orphanages stems from the fact that they need additional support and care following the trauma of separation. Failure to support them exposes them to various conditions which could adversely affect them for the rest of their lives.  These orphans live, school, and do everything in the same confined and mostly remote environment, preventing them from meeting to freely mingle and play with other children. They live a one-way-life each day of their lives, seeing same faces, and interacting with the same people almost all year round. This is not a very healthy practice since it may affect their sense of belonging, self-confidence, and their interpersonal lives.