The CTN SCHOLARSHIP AID funds the education of orphans, abandoned children, and children from poor families in the deprived communities of Ghana, West Africa. This Scholarship Aid focuses on less-privileged children who may never get the opportunity to go to school for lack of financial support, and may remain illiterate without the intervention of a charitable organization like Clothe The Naked Outreach. The Aid funds the formal education of carefully selected children from basic school to college/university.


Clothe The Naked Outreach is currently providing financial support for the education of fourteen (14) less-privileged children of Ghana, West Africa. With a goal to extend this opportunity to at least one hundred carefully selected needy (100) children in Ghana at a time. Beneficiaries of the CTN Scholarship Aid receive financial support which covers School Fees, Stationary, School uniforms, school bags, and foot wears, school feeding fees or pocket money, hostel fees, and all other things needed for a successful formal education, from basic school to tertiary.


According to a Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report by UNICEF in 2016 titled “Education for People and Planet: Creating Sustainable Futures for All”, about 319,000 children in Ghana between six and eleven years are still out of school. And even with the children that are in schools, only 39 per cent are able to complete High School. This indicates clearly that, even the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) policy adapted by Ghana, is still impenetrable for the poor people in Ghana.

The “Free” part of the FCUBE doesn’t necessarily mean that every single unit of cost associated with formal education is covered by the government. Families are still expected to compliment the efforts of government by providing some basic needs of their wards to enable them take advantage of the FCUBE – In most cases, parents or guardians must;

  1. Provide the school uniforms, foot wears and all other wears such as under wears, socks etc. to  ensure that the children are properly dressed for school – the government of Ghana’s policy of providing free uniforms has not been very successful, and they also do not come with the other needed wears such as shoes, socks, under wears, etc which are equally needed.
  2. Provide education materials such as school bags, and other stationery items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. though textbooks are usually provided by the government.
  3. Fund the transportation cost of students to and fro school if the school is not near
  4. Provide breakfast for the children before they go to school.
  5. Give the children money for lunch at school – because even in the few schools where “The School Feeding Program” of the Ghana Government is running, there is nothing to write home about in terms of quality and sizes of meals served.
  6. Pay other levies such as extra-classes fees, PTA levies, etc. even though the main tuition fee is covered by the government in public basic schools.

It is, however, very important to note that, finding money to provide even just one of the 6 costs associated with basic education stated above, could be very challenging for parents and guardians especially in the rural areas of Ghana where people hardly see money in their hands. Talk more of parents or guardians who will have to support their children from basic school, through high school to tertiary.

Also, in areas where there are no government schools, parents and guardians are expected to provide for every single unit of cost associated with the education of their wards including the payment of tuition fees, as the FCUBE does not cover the fees of children in private schools.


Please find below the profiles of some beneficiaries of our CTN Scholarship Aid…

Kwame now

Kwame was born to a mentally-challenged woman who was impregnated by an unknown man. Seeing him running the streets with no one to care for him, We found him a home and we are proud to be funding his education our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Love was found abandoned by and unknown person in a forest when he was a baby with ants all over him. After all attempts to find his parents failed, he was taken to an orphanage – and we are proud to be funding the education of Love with our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Emma was found in an uncompleted building when he was just a baby. After all attempts to find his parents failed, he was left in the care of a poor old woman whose grandson found Emma. We followed his story till he was old enough for school, and we are proud to be funding Emmanuel’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Tina lost her both parents when she was just a little child, and she’s had to stay with different kinds of people as a maid servant which led to a whole lots of abuse and maltreatment. Seeing that her only mentally-challenged Auntie she’s living with cannot help her, we stepped in to help and we are proud to be funding Tina’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid


Emmanuel lost his father when he was in class 3 and had to drop out of school to start breaking fire-woods to support his poor jobless mum who could not take care of him and his siblings. We stepped in to help and we are proud to be funding Emmanuel’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Ezekiel lost parents a young age and he’s been living with his grandmother who is really old and sick to the extent that she cannot even walk. Seeing that the grandmother do not have the means to care for Ezekiel and his 2 siblings, we stepped in to help – and we are proud to be funding Ezekiel’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid,


Jane was abandoned by an unknown person at young age. After all attempts to find her parents failed, she ended up in an orphanage and we are proud to be funding Jane’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Rose was found lost and starving on the street of Accra, She ended up at an orphanage when it was realized that she didn’t really have anyone to care for her, and we are proud to be funding Rose’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid.


Korkor lost both parent at young age. Since she had no one to care for her, the Social Welfare Department of Ghana took custody of her and she ended up in an orphanage. We are proud to be funding Korkor’s education with our CTN Scholarship Aid.

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We are counting on your kind support to expand our reach to cover more needy children like these in Ghana, West Africa.

Your DONATION of US$ 1 will buy a book for a child, and your DONATION of US$ 100 could help us to pay the school fees of one child for a year.